For the Austrian content agency Semerad and their soon to be launched project, an Austrian search engine to look for registered doctors. The idea is that you should be able to search by specifying certain body areas as well as Name of the doctor or just the Area where you live. As the main goal was to create a super Accessibility-optimized website, without using Javascript or anything that could interfere with Screenreaders or confuse especially older or handicapped visitors. So I tried to create a very common and familiar pagestructure, self explained naming and a colorschmene that lets everything importantz for processing through the page shine out. To still let this kinda 1990ish structure still look kinda fresh we decided to try out how flat minimal graphic styles would work and I personally was quite surprised how well it actually does. This graphic style adds a lot to how good the content gets structured, how clean and easily things are understood. 

The project includes a ratingsystem that lets users review their experiences with certain doctors and an interactive bodymap for everyone who doesn't know the name and just wanna click on what's actually hurting him/her. 
The whole project got realised in Co-work with the Austrian Association for Blind People a3L e-solutions GmbH.

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