Logodesign for Flipster
a Social Media App for Android
 Just about to be released right now, Flipster gives you an alternate way to check your facebook . As it's name may suggest, you're kinda flipping through your services by swiping from one page to another, so when thinking about an easy shape which just emphasizes this issue, I instantly came up with a cube form, as this would perfectly work as an App Launcher Icon as well. The shape of the letter F is carved into all visible sides of the Cube, as the App is supposed to be covering all needs, a common user may have by browsing several social media networks.
Due to it's hexagon shape, I just had to use the letter F's whitespace to come up with a quite neat working monochrome icon as well, used in several notification-messages.
While working on the Logo, I came up with the slogan 'Catch You on the Flipside' which I believe kinda works for a Social App.
Stay tuned for an in depth look into the App which is worked hard on right now, preparing it for it's release at the Android Marketplace.

[UPDATE] It's gone live! Thrilling times awaiting us, you can check it out on
the Android Marketplace

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