Webdesign: Toolani.com

Working together with the international calling-provider toolani since 2008, here are some of the later webdesigns such as landing page designs, product pages, special packages and a mobile view.
Thank you so much for checking my stuff out!

Check out my other stuff:

FORBES Illustration: Where Science meets Economy
September, 2016
DTP: Company Profile for AME International
July, 2015
FORBES Infographic: China's Megacities
February, 2017
Val Berger's Animationreel
May, 2014
Mindcraft.at Corporate Design
May, 2014
Responsive Web Design: S+B Gruppe
March, 2016
Touch-based GUI design for http://www.k-m.at/
January, 2012
Android App Design: forfone
April, 2012
Accessibility optimized Flat Webdesign: Termin24.at
February, 2014
Corporate Design: MTVI
February, 2015
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