After several jobs as publishing director at Austria's largest paper "Die ganze Woche", founder and CEO of the local TV Channel ATV and manager of the politician and entrepreneur Frank Stronach, the Austrian entrepreneur Tillmann Fuchs moved on and created a new professional identity for consulting business partners.

Corporate Identity: The goal was to create a language understood by the highly business-oriented audience, that does the convergence between kinda traditional and maybe even conservative elements as well as a modern, clean and fresh appeal, carried by a silent harmony of chilling colours, thoughtful typography and a minimalistic and aesthetic design language creating that balance of order and freedom. The logo encourages the user to loosen his mind, let it fly away to encounter new frontiers.

"Logo design, corporate design, business cards, Powerpoint templates, bilingual website design & development - 21 days from scratch to finish."

Under the label 'Mindcraft' we worked out a concept of how to appeal in a easy, accessible and compact way to that specific target group and got realized using HTML/CSS and JQuery techniques.

Along with the website and that logo design came business cards, powerpoint templates as well as stationary designs, all transporting that common concept toward the end users. The whole project got finished within 21 days from briefing to completion.

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